Royal Horticultural Society – The ‘go-to’ website for many things horticultural

Garden Masterclass Noel Kingsbury and Annie Guilfoyle are hosting a Tea Garden Talk every weekday at 4pm (which you can also watch on catchup). Great guests, worth a visit, and free. They also have (paid) webinars with some of the really great gardeners around.

Virtual Malvern show The show itself is not running of course, but here is a tour of the virtual show.

Keukenhof A virtual tour of the tulips in Netherlands

Botany Bay Nursery – Our local open again!.10% discount with your Cookhill Garden Club membership card. The tearoom has not yet re-opened.

National Gardens Scheme – The famous ‘Yellow Book’. Gardens open under the National Gardens Scheme and this raises money for the Charities that they support (some £2.7 million this year). They are currently hosting a number of virtual garden tours, well worth a dip into

Perennial are the UK’s only charity dedicated to helping people who work in horticulture when times get tough. Normally they organise trips to rarely opened gardens to raise funds, but now have a photographic competition running, and also quiz nights on YouTube!

Plant Heritage Worcestershire is the website for the Worcestershire Branch of the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens.